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17 comments on “Listen to Zeromix Now

  1. Mike Amend on said:

    Hi, Mike from the band CatsMelvin. CatsMelvin is from the United States, the Debut EP “Houston” is coming out shortly on Nub Country Records in the United Kingdom. It will be distributed by The Orchard. CatsMelvin’s “Houston” EP, is also in licensing with Discovery Channel and MTV, to be used on their channels and shows. The first song on the EP, “Wrong side” is also a game download on the Rock Band Network. CatsMelvin will be at SXSW at the Red Gorilla Music Festival in Austin. I wanted to see if I could send you a copy, or MP3s through email? So that you might check it out.


  2. Regulation Nine on said:

    We are an unsigned rock band, Regulation Nine based in Nashville. We’re currently promoting ourselves—do what ya gotta do, right?

    A couple months ago we self-released our first EP and getting great reviews. We are played weekly on 102.9 The local Buzz rock radio in Nashville.

    Sunset Island Music Radio Show (worldwide) nominated us for Band of the Year as well as Vocalist of the Year (voting ends 10/31).

    We would love to get play on your station(s).

    Please check us out on Reverbnation and

    Thanks for consideration. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Regulation Nine

  3. Jose Vergara on said:

    I’m happy to introduce to you. I’m MONO, an independent artist, i’ve just released my first single “Dancing With The Devil”, track that will be part of my EP to be released in early 2014.

    My influences approach to the electronic synth pop of Depeche Mode, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, with touches of the synthetic rock of Muse, and The Killers indie rock, to the industrial sounds of Nine Inch Nails.

    “Devil” is an up-tempo Electronic Indie Rock production. It was released on September 23 and will soon be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

    My video is expected to hit YouTube in early November this year.

    Listen to my song here:


    For more information follow me:


    I will really thank the diffusion, spread, reviews and comments on my record.

    Thank You!

  4. alessandro on said:

    I am Alessandro, musician and composer.
    This year I published the IRMA RECORDS cd REDSOLUTION – Invisible songs -
    This is the link to download the album.
    Thanks for your attention.
    Alessandro (Reds)

  5. John Layne on said:

    Greetings, I represent the band Aeon’s Promise, we are an eclectic Christian band whose music spans multiple genres from progressive psychedelic rock to blues and folk. We would like to submit music for airplay consideration from our 2 releases, Welcome to the soul Farm, and Chrystal masses and the streets of Gold.
    Mp3′s at

    May I recommend, Zero Hour, What is the Shadow, I believe, and Garden Girl..
    Thanks for your consideration.

    Aeon’s Promise

  6. Christian Heath on said:


    I would like to submit the latest single by “Nova Rise” titled “Freedom of Goodbye” for play listing.

    I have attached a High Quality MP3 and artwork. Below is a download link with MP3 and .WAV and press kit.

    Would love to get your feedback.


  7. Rocky on said:

    hi check our music at

  8. andrea gramaccia on said:


    I’m Andrea Gramaccia, the drummer of pop – punk – rock band cLOSERS from Italy. We completed our demo EP some weeks ago and for two times, one of our 3 songs, was chosen by a english web-radio. I saw your radio on iTunes so I would like to ask you if it could be possible to put our song on your radio. The song is this:

    best regards

  9. Jokonda on said:

    Hi! Our band is called Jokonda and we play symphonic metal. We are five in the band: guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and vocal. We want to send our song to you on the radio.

  10. Hello! We are SKALIE 2tone SKA ROcksteady band from Jakarta, Indonesia since 1995. Check our sounds at or our liveperform at Cheers!

  11. Fernando R. Pinto on said:


    we would like to introduce you the Portuguese Rockband The Bourbons.

    Their first album “Best Amazing Reasons” was released on August 14 in Portugal and is the first of October come across STF Records in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain and Japan in the market.

    We would like to send them some information about the band and the music with “WeTransfer”.

    If you are interested, please let us know please, and we will send you the download-link.

    Here are 2 links with details of the band:


    Fernando R. Pinto

  12. Marco Correia on said:

    We thought you may be interested in music from Cape Town, South Africa.

    You may be interested to play or review the song Games (title is slightly relevant to the Olympics)

    The Windy City is the first Cape Town band (as far as we know) to ever break into the top 10 songs on the world’s online music site, Jamendo. The music was produced by Grammy nominated Cedric Samson.

    There are two major (free) music websites in the world today and the The Windy City’s song, “Games” is now at number 5 on the charts out of 350000 songs – look under the most popular tracks at the following website and you will see their song, Games. You can download the song on this site but we can also send you an mp3 in a separate email.

    The song is at
    You are welcome to provide this link to your listeners who can download the song for free

    The EP is at

    The video of the song is at a number of places like

    The above is the video that was shown on eTV (national TV station in South Africa) on the Showbiz Report last year. You are welcome to use this video.

    The song won an international song competition as well (see attachment).

    Also see their promo at

    You can contact Jean-Sebastian at

    Facebook at

  13. Michael on said:

    As you may well be aware of, we are one of the fastest growing sites on the net for unsigned bands and indie music. To date, we have received music from over 7,500 bands.

    We are contacting you because we produce a 1 hour show every week featuring the music of unsigned bands from around the world and it is hosted by world famous DJ Frankie V. We would like to know if you would be interested in broadcasting our show.

    In return for broadcasting the Sunset Island Music Radio Show, we will promote the show and your station on our sites which get over 600,000 views a month.

    Our sites include:

    I have attached a copy of our show for your review.

    Very truly yours,

    Michael Della Donna

    Sample – 5-9-12 – Sunset Island Music Radio Show

  14. zimmerlinde on said:

    nice sound. keeps me going at work :)

  15. Danny on said:

    Top tunes! Thanks :)

  16. Dalia on said:

    Enjoy Ukrainian rock band “Voshojdenie” EURO 2012 song!
    Hope to hear it on air!

  17. Nick Depew on said:

    Dear Zeromix Radio Music Director,

    Recorded with the studio team that introduced the world to Tool and System of a Down, I would like to quickly introduce you to the rock/alternative single “The Refrain” by RELEVANT DISCORD. This single and one other stream at: I would be happy to send both your direction.

    With music in rotation on close to 50 radio stations and programs worldwide, Relevant Discord draws comparison to artists such as: Chevelle, Evanescence, Apocalyptica, Nine Inch Nails, and Nirvana. In reference to Relevant Discord, Led Zeppelin producer Stuart Epps states, “Great band”. Panel reviewers with “SoundOut” rated our music “Excellent.” Lou Brutus’ “Hard Drive” show even helped the band by re-tweeting information about one of our Facebook campaigns.

    Thank you very much for considering Relevant Discord material for airplay on your station. For questions or comments, please feel welcome to contact me at the e-mail provided.

    All the best,

    Nick Depew


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